The Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership (ORLP) is a federal National Park Service (NPS) grant program.  ORLP involves two competitive layers, where applications are first reviewed by states. Applications selected by states then are forwarded to compete through a National Review Committee process.

How To Apply:

This application is for Round 6B, due before 5:00 p.m. on December 15, 2022. State Parks will select a limited number of proposals using the State Competitive Criteria found on the ORLP webpage. Applicants with a successful initial proposal will receive guidance from State Parks to complete the full federal application for the National Review Committee consideration.

Keep the following in mind in preparing an application:

  • The online application platform operates best on Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, and Apple Safari web browsers.
  • The platform does not support the use of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
  • The person who starts the application is called an "owner" in the online Submittable system. Only the owner will be able to see and click the submit application button.
  • Applicants can invite other team members to collaborate on the application: click here to learn more.
  • Each application will auto-save every few seconds. Applicants can also manually save by clicking the Save Draft button at the end of this application system. 
  • Submittable recommends not leaving the application open for several hours at a time, as this can occasionally cause a save error. Applicants who work on the proposal throughout the day are recommended to exit the application when not working on it, rather than leaving it open in the background. 
  • Red Asterisks are required fields.
  • A blue Submit button is found at the end of this online application system. Only click the blue Submit button when you are ready to submit the final application.
  • Office of Grants and Local Services (OGALS) staff cannot see or review the application in this system until the applicant clicks the submit button.  However, staff can assist with any questions applicants have.  Please contact Megan Harrison, Megan.Harrison@parks.ca.gov and Natalie Bee at Natalie.Bee@parks.ca.gov with any questions.
  • Directions on resetting your password can be found here.

California Department of Parks and Recreation